Right-Wing Extremists Will March in Norway Despite Ban

A neo-Nazi group will march at a secret place in Østfold for the weekend with the motto of "Our blood and race are central".

A neo-Nazi group will march at a secret place in Østfold at the weekend with the motto of “Our blood and race are central”.

A right-wing group called Aksjonsgruppe Ytringsfrihet (Action Group Freedom of Expression) claims they will march at an unknown place in Østfold next Saturday, writes Dagbladet. Norwegian police had banned another neo-nazi march previously.

The group’s spokesman Morten Lorentzen (53) confirmed the match to Dagbladet.

– We are free to self-determination in own own country – be it “negroes”, Vietnamese, Kurds or Norwegians.

He says they have invited people from a number of parties and organizations from all over Europe.The planned demonstration is the third announced right-wing regional march in Østfold this month – the first two were stopped by the police.

First, the self-proclaimed neo-Nazi party the Nordic resistance movement was rejected to hold a demonstration in Fredrikstad on Saturday with fear of violence between them and anti-fascist counter-protesters.

Then Lorentzen, on behalf of the newly formed right-wing group, planned another march in Fredrikstad’s old town in the following day. This event was also banned for the sake of the safety.

The slogan of the third march is “our blood and our race”, which is in line with traditional neo-Nazism.

Famous right-wing extremist

For a number of years, Morten Lorentzen has been well-known figure in the Norwegian right-wing extremist environment.Lorentzen explains that Action Group Freedom of Expression fights for “national independence and a free and independent Norwegian Norway”.

– Our blood and race are central. The Nordic Germanic breed represents barely 7 percent of the world’s population, and mass immigration blends our blood, he says to Dagbladet.


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