Norway Music and Art in Poland: Polish-Norwegian Festival of Culture Creators Bring Together Polish and Norwegian Artists

On July 1, the Polish-Norwegian Festival of Culture Creators brought Polish and Norwegian artists in Rzeszow, Poland. The festival was arranged by the Podkarpackie Association for Active Families in cooperation with the Norwegian organization Norsensus Mediaforum. The festival was opened by the project “Subcarpathian culture without barriers”. 

Subcarpathian Culture without Barriers” is an international project that aims to support and develop the entrepreneurship of local creators, artists, cultural heritage institutions and cultural centers. It is aimed at cultural integration and promotion of the cultural heritage of the regions from which the project participants come.

Artists from Poland and Norway presented their art both on stage and at dedicated stands. 

Throughout the event, a series of concerts was held, where artists from Poland and Norway presented their music to the audience.  It was not only an opportunity to have fun together, dance and sing, but also to learn about cultures, art styles, establish cooperation and networking in order to get ideas for future joint projects.

The festival hosted also Ukrainian band BEREHYNI and refugee children from the TUTU Psychophysical Development Centre, who sang for the guests.

During the Festival of Creators of Culture, the following artist took plave:

Aga Walczak with the team — Poland

Maria Orieta — Norway

Sabina Kurek with the team — Poland

Aleksandra Morozova – Norway

Somethingski & FOREST Project — Poland

Bjorn Petter Tosse — Norway

RoseMerry – Poland 

Preben Rosenvinge — Norway

The art was presented by:

Roderyk Wolski — Poland

Agnieszka Filipek – Poland

Somayeh Vazdar — Norway

Dominika Miklar — Norway, Poland

Kishore Gajendra — Norway

Cecilie Lind — Norway

Amir Pouyan Bashti — Norway

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