American TV Star Has Shoulder Operation in Norway for 62 USD and Praises Free Medical Service

Former TV star Rick Kirkham (60) had a shoulder operation in Norway. The operation would cost him NOK 400,000 in the United States. In Norway, he paid only a few hundred NOK.

I would never have had that money. I had to live with the pain in the rest of my life, says former star Rick Kirkham to NRK.

Kirkham has moved to Bodø, Norway a year and a half ago after having married.

In 2015, Kirkham had a serious shoulder injury while he was being rescued from a burning house in the USA.

His life was saved, but intense left shoulder pain was the price.

He did not own the burnt house, and therefore the insurance company did not cover the operation,which would cost him over $ 50,000 in the United States.

After marrying his Norwegian wife, Kirkham is legally resident in Norway. Suddenly, a new world opportunity had opened for the American: The Norwegian welfare state.

Kirkham was then hospitalized and had a shoulder surgery on March 26 in Norway.

Kirkham describes the meeting with the Norwegian surgeon as miraculous, accordin to NRK.

When the doctor told him it would only cost him $ 62, he cried.

I cried in front of him. I hugged him and thanked him. And he said, “We’ll fix your shoulder and you’ll be fine“, says he.

Welfare State is not Communism

Kirkham believes there is a misunderstanding among Americans about the welfare state and social state.

There was an attempt to bring a more universal health care system in the USA by former president Obama with the so-called “Obamacare” scheme.

President Donald Trump is fighting to remove and replace the scheme.

At the same time, democrats on the left want a Nordic health system in the USA. Kirkham thinks this is just the beginning.

Socialism is not communism. Americans are starting to wake up and see the truth, Kirkham says to NRK.

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