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WannaCry Ransomware Hits Norway

Hospitals and organizations in more than 70 countries were exposed to a cyber attack on Friday. The hackers demand ransom. Norway has been affected by the biggest cyber attack in history.
WannaCry Ransomware Hits Norway
Photo : Cyber Security at the Ministry of Defence

Health service systems and many organizations in 74 countries have been hit by a large-scale cyber-attack. Some hospitals and GPs cannot access patient data, after their computers were locked by a malicious program demanding a 300 USD ransom.

Ambulances have been diverted and there has been disruption at some GP surgeries as a result of the attack in many countries including, Sweden, UK, China and Russia.

As Norway National Security Authority predicted earlier today Norway was also affected by the cyber attack, WannaCry. According to Intel Malware Tech, the ransomware was detected in several locations in Norway. 

After the massive attack, computers in thousands of locations in 74 countries have been locked by a malware program that demands $300 in Bitcoin.

Cyber-security firm Kaspersky, said that the ransomware had been spotted cropping up in 74 countries and that the number was still growing.

So far the perpetrators are unknown but security agencies are trying to find out who is behing the most destructive cyber attack of the history.

What do we know about the attack so far?

According to the Hacker News, the Ransomware WannaCry (also known as ’Wana Decrypt0r,’ ’WannaCryptor’ or ’WCRY’) blocks access to a computer or its files and demands ransom to unlock it. Once infected with the WannaCry ransomware, victims are asked to pay up to $300 in order to remove the infection from their PCs; otherwise, their PCs stay unusable, and their files remain locked.

The newspaper also reports another massive malicious email campaign that’s spreading another ransomware called Jaff at the rate of 5 million emails per hour and hitting computers across the globe.

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