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New Interactive Map Shows Link Between Norway Royal Family and UK Royal Family

Interactive family tree launched by Expedia illustrates how the royals in Scandinavia and the British royal house are linked to each other in an easy and understandable way.
New Interactive Map Shows Link Between Norway Royal Family and UK Royal Family

For many, the royal house is an important part of Norwegian identity. Sometimes it may be difficult to keep track of the relationships among the royal families, even though most are actually in close family.

The interactive family tree prepared by Expedia maps all these connections. All the royals presented in the family tree have their personal card containing the full name and title. On several of these, very interesting bibliographic information has been written. Another original function is calculation of the royal ethnic origin.

The British, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish royal families are related.

The tree shows the Scandinavian royal families have close family ties. In addition, King Edward VII of England is included in the Scandinavian family tree. The King of Britain married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863. Princess Alexandra was the daughter of King Christian IX of Denmark.

According tot he map, the most popular girls names among the royals are:

1 Louise (19 royal with this name)

2 Marie (18 royal with this name)

3 Victoria (16 royal with this name)

4 Alexandra Charlotte Ingeborg (12 royal with these names)

5 Mary (11 royal with this name)

6 Ingrid (10 royal with this name)

7 Elizabeth, Sofia (9 royal with these names)

8 Dagmar, Elisabeth, Maud, Thyra (8 royal with these names)

9 Alice, Astrid, Carolina, Lovisa (7 royal with these names)

Augusta, Margrethe, Maria, Olga (5 royal with these names)


The most popular boy names are:

1 Christian (27 royal with this name)

2 Carl (23 royal with this name)

3 Frederik (16 royal with this name)

4 Albert (14 royal with this name)

5 Georg (12 royals with this name)

6 Alexander, Oscar (11 royal with these names)

7 Valdemar (10 royal with this name)

8 Wilhelm, Gustaf (9 royal with these names)

9 George (8 royal with this name)

10 Axel, Fredrik (7 royal with these names)

The Scandinavian royal families love sports

King Harald V of Norway competes in the world championship in sailing. He has represented Norway during the Olympic Games in 1964, 1968 and 1974. He has also won gold, silver and bronze in the world championships in 1982, 1987 and 1988.

The father of Swedish Carl Gustaf of Sweden, Gustaf Adolf, competed in jumping, fencing and shooting. He represented Sweden during the Olympic Games in the summer of 1936.

Click on "Se de kongelige familiene" button below to try the map



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