Sweden Immigration Minister Declines Meeting with Norway Immigration Minister

Swedish immigration Minister: We will not be part of Frp's election campaign and propaganda.

Sweden’s migration minister has canceled a meeting with Norwegian Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug (FrP) today.

Sylvi Listhaug had an appointment to meet the Social Democratic Migration Minister, Heléne Fritzon at 14 o’clock today, but on the flight from Oslo to Stockholm she was informed that the meeting had been canceled.

Swedish migration minister said to VG that she would not be part of the Norwegian election campaign.

– It has become very clear that Listhaug’s visit is a part of the Norwegian election campaign. Listhaug seems more interested in spreading a misleading picture of Sweden, among other things, claiming that there are 60 “no-go” zones in Sweden, which is purely nonsense, writes Helene Franzon in an email to VG.

The Swedish minister points out that she gladly will meet Listhaug after the election campaign in Norway is over.

The Norwegian minister says she wants to visit the Rinkeby district outside Stockholm to learn how Norway can avoid what she describes as mistakes with excessive immigration, and failing integration.

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