Russia Jails The Former Guard from Norway for Spying on Submarines

A court in Moscow has sentenced 63-year-old Frode Berg, to 14 years in a strict-regime labor camp with the claim of spying on Russian navy submarines.

Berg was arrested in Moscow in 2017 and denied the accusation.

He formerly worked as a guard on the Norwegian-Russian border.

Berg admitted acting as a courier for Norwegian intelligence, but said he had little knowledge of the mission. A Russian ex-policeman accused of passing him navy files has been jailed, according to BBC.

It is expected that a diplomatic process for returning Frode Berg to Norway will start as soon as possible. Considering his age, a pardon from Russia or transfering to Norway are alternatives.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the press conference after the meeting with Erna Solberg last week that they could not talk about pardon before any judgment had come.

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