Prime Minister Rejects FrP’s Closed Refugee Camp Proposal in Norway

Prime Minister Erna Solberg rejects government partner Frp's proposal to keep rejected asylum seekers in closed reception camps.

On Thursday, immigration and integration minister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) stated to NRK that rejected asylum seekers could be kept in closed refugee camps for the safety of Norwegian people.

On Friday, Frp leader Siv Jensen defended Listhaug’s proposal. She said that Norway must dare to challenge international conventions to “safeguard its citizens against dangers.”

Yesterday, Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg (Høyre) rejected their coalition partner’s proposal.

– It is an old Frp claim that Sylvi repeated yesterday. It is not surprising they repeat it in an election campaign but there is no basis for doing it and this government will not do it, said Erna Solberg to NRK.

Christian Democrats (KrF) leader Knut Arild Hareide also reacted to FrP’s proposal, and earlier asked the prime minister to dismiss Listhaug’s proposal putting human rights aside in asylum cases.

Erna Solberg emphasized re-negotiation of human rights will not be an issue in any new government negotiations after the election, wrote NRK.

Comparing Nazi occupation

On a TV debate on Friday, Red Party (Rødt) leader Bjørnar Moxnes compared Listhaug’s proposal with the Nazi occupation of Norway.

– It is legitimate to think that those who have been rejected will be sent back as soon as possible, but this (proposal) is something quite different. This is about collective arrest and detention of people because they belong to a particular group. This is something we first and foremost recognize when Norway was occupied about 60 years ago. We will not return to that situation, “said he to NRK.

As a response, Siv Jensen said Frp is very concerned with human rights but they want good international agreements which are adaptable to local challenges.

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