Oslo City Council resigns

The red-green city council resigns after disturst vote against the environmentalist party MDG’s city councilor Lan Marie Berg.

– We are in a situation that is special and serious for the city, says mayor Marianne Borgen to NRK.

– I note that a majority has expressed distrust against Lan Marie Berg. I then draw the conclusion that the city council resigns, Johansen said when the result of the vote became known.

27 of 32 representatives voted against Berg. 

In the next few days, major Borgen will talk to all the group leaders in the city council. They will discuss what should be done and who should be commissioned to form a new city council.

– I would like to remind you that the composition of the city council has not changed. The political basis in the city council is exactly the same, says Borgen.

Red maintained distrust

On Tuesday, it became clear that a majority in the city council no longer trusts the environment and transport agency councilor Lan Marie Berg (MDG).

The background is that Oslo’s new water supply facility will be NOK 5 billion more expensive than originally planned.

As environmental and transport agency councilor, Lan Marie Berg is politically responsible for the project.

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