Norway’s Left-wing Coalition Wins, Conservatives and Right-wing Parties Shrink

Norway’s center-left opposition parties won a dominant majority in parliament after Monday’s election. The parties have a few options to form a coalition. Climate change, decentralization, local politics and a widening economic gap are central discussions.

With this result, the parties on the left, led by the Labor Party (Ap), gained a clear majority. They got 100 representatives, while Conservatives and right-wing parties could get only 68 representatives. The Center Party (Sp) has increased its votes the most from the previous election, while the former finance minister Siv Jensen´s right-wing Progress Party (FrP) is the election’s biggest loser.

Big Changes to Happen

It is time for a change of government and Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre will probably become Norway´s next prime minister. Støre can form the government with Sp and Socialist Left (SV) to gain the majority. The other left wing parties Environment Party The Greens (MDG) and far-left Red Party (Rødt) will not probably join in the coalition.

Some of the changes with the new government will mean:

  • The richest have to pay more taxes.
  • Fewer private offers within health and education.
  • Possibility of revoking municipal mergers.

Oil production and climate cuts will be a discussion between the parties.

76,5 of voters participated in the election this year.

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