Norway’s King Harald quoted “Love Actually”

– We may be a small country, but we’re a great one too, said King Harald with reference to the British Christmas movie “Love Actually”.

King Harald and Prince Williams met in Oslo.

– We are very happy to be in Norway,” said Prince William in Norwegian.

Both King Harald and Prince William celebrated the Norwegian-British relations in their talks during the dinner on the occasion of the Duke and Duchess’ visit to Norway.

– We are united by family ties, but we are also united by the North Sea and our love of art and sport,” said the Norwegian king.

We cannot take human rights and democracy for granted

– We are old nations with deep cultural roots. Our people are shaped by our climate, as well as challenges and opportunities throughout history. And most importantly: Our societies are based on democratic governance, freedom of expression and human rights. We must remember that these values ​​cannot be taken for granted, “said the king.

Prince William in response praised Norway as a good friend and neighbor.

– Our relationship with Norway is very special, we are allies, neighbors, business partners, but above all we are very good friends. We are lucky to have Norwegians as our neighbors, “said Prince William.

Norwegian King about music, football and movies

King Harald spoke warmly about British culture and said that most Norwegians are fascinated with everything from British music and TV shows, to literature and movies.

– And above all: English football. But I understand that Norwegian music and literature are also popular in the UK, “said the king.

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King Harald V of Norway is known for his humorist, sarcastic and inclusive speeches. His speech in 2016 on love, religion and acceptance went viral. The King’s message was that we have to take care of each other and Norway is a country of all differences.

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