Progress Party Member of Parliament Arrested for Threaths with Gun

Progress Party (FrP) parliamentary representative Mazyar Keshvari was arrested for having threatened someone with gun this weekend.

Frp representative was arrested, charged with serious threats. The police have seized the gun.

The charges apply to serious threats with weapon. The sentence for such serious threats is up to three years in prison.

According to VG, a shotgun has been seized at Keshvari’s residence.

-The charges against Keshvari are very serious. We know that he has been through a lot in the last six months and that he has had a hard time. Now the police must have time to do their job, says Frps parliamentary leader Hans Andreas Limi to VG.

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Fraud, Death Threats and Fierce Political Rhetoric

In 2013, the FrP politician was elected as a MP. In 2014 Keshvari was accused of making death threats against NRK debate moderator Ingunn Solheim in an Oslo pub. Keshvari maintained that the comments were made in jest, and NRK decided against filing charges.

In 2018 Aftenposten revealed that Keshvari had received several reimbursements of travel expenses for trips that he never did. Keshvari admitted to defrauding the Norwegian parliament, and declared that he wanted to make amends and pay back the reimbursements.

Like his own populist party, FrP, he is known as a fierce opponent of non-Western immigrants. He has repeatedly called for a complete ban on further immigration to Norway, stating that it is not sustainable in the long-term. Despite his own immigrant background, he responded to government plans to open a centre for asylum-seekers on Andøya in 2008 describing the plans as “irresponsible” and “almost madness”.

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