Norway Prime Minister Believes Me Too Has Changed Norway Positively

Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg believes Norwegian women have been strengthened by the metoo campaign.

Erna Solberg believes the campaign brought to light a structural problem.

-If you’re a woman, you know that sexual harassment is a challenge. Having constant feeling that you have to deal with people who sexualize things in a workplace, when you really only want to be taken seriously, says Solberg to VG.

Minister for Culture and Gender Equality Trine Skei Grande and Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie agree with the Prime Minister.

A recent VG survey shows that 55 per cent of Norwegians believe the metoo campaign has changed Norwegian society in a positive way.

Prime Minister thinks something has changed in Norway, but also points out that it is a little premature to say how big the changes are.

-It is not enough to put sexual harassment on the agenda and say that; “Now this problem is gone forever,” because it won’t be.

-The fight against sexual harassment requires continuous work. Therefore, the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority is training employers on how to work with attitudes and routines against sexual harassment in their own business. It must become a universally valid norm, she tells to VG.

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