Norway Prime Minister Criticizes Trump

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg says that Trump’s twitter posts should not direct the NATO meeting and criticize the USA for trade crisis.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg says Norway has increased NATO funding and will get the best defense out of every dollar they spend.

Solberg says she is not worried that NATO countries will not agree on better security but that one cannot be sure about the rhetoric of US President Donald Trump.

– There is no doubt that the rhetoric we hear today is challenging. We are working more on how NATO is going to incerase common security, “Solberg told the press.

She states that the main focus should be on security and security challenges.

– All countries should better not engage in other conflict-making issues, such as trade policy. We must focus on the great NATO values, and the directions should not come through twitter posts from the US president, “said Solberg.

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