Norway Is on Trump’s Black List.

In a meeting with the Norwegian Parliament’s Foreign and Defense Committees and Trump’s advisers in Washington, Norway was referred as one of the worst countries in contributing to NATO, writes Dagbladet.

The United States is now putting more pressure on its European NATO Allies to pay for NATO costs. Lately, leaders of a number of NATO countries has received a threatening letter US President Donald Trump. One of the countries that received the letter is Norway, wrote VG last week.

Norway is far from the goal of spending 2 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP). According to NATO’s own statistics, the country pays 1.62 percent of GDP for defense.

– The United States expects us to spend 2 percent of our gross national budget by 2024. Frp has long been working for Norway to reach the 2 percent target. We need a stronger defense that makes us a credible partner in NATO. Political discussions should now be terminated and we should focus on delivering what we have promised, “says Frp’s defense spokesman, Per-Willy Amundsen, to Dagbladet.

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