Norway Immigration Minister Thinks Norwegian Values Are Under Threat

Norway's Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug believes the biggest problem for Norwegian values is immigration.

Norway’s Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug believes the biggest problem for Norwegian values is immigration, writes VG.

The debate about Norwegian values ​​and Norwegian culture has become an important issue in this year’s election campaigns. While the election is approaching, right wing Progress Party (FrP) has sharpened its rhetoric.

Talking to VG, Sylvi Listhaug (FrP) argues that people are concerned about Norwegian values such as equality, freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

In this frame she thinks hijab at kindergarden challenges growing up with equal opportunities and rights. So she wants a ban on hijab at kindergarden.

She also accuses Labor Party (Ap) of not being concerned about this issue.

She notes they are fighting for Christian voters and they must think about what society their children will grow up in.

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She also believes immigration is the real threat to Norwegian values.

– That’s what they (other parties) do not dare to go into. And that is the main reason why our values ​​are under threat. More immigration will lead to more pressure on our values, like gender equality, says Listhaug to VG.

The Minister also emphasizes that there are many immigrant families who have full gender equality in the family, but there is a problem that there are also many who do not.

She claims Norway has not been very successful with integration. At the same time, she praises many immigrants who do a good job in Norway.

– The picture is not black. It’s about the direction the society takes. If there will be many to Norway who do not integrate and accept our values, then it will affect the society, says she.

She draws on developments in countries such as France, Belgium, and the UK.

– The same development can happen here and it’s a development I do not want,” said Listhaug.

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