Norway Government Collapses after FrP Resigned from the Government

Norway’s centre-right four party coalition collapses after the populist coalition member FrP’s resignment over IS spouse repatriation spat.

Progress Party (FrP) resigned from the government over a decision to repatriate an allegedly IS affiliated woman and her child. The woman was allowed to return to Norway so her child could get medical treatment.

Frp has been in government for six years, two months and 20 days. Now it’s over. “There is no reason for continuing in the government,” the party leader and Finance minister Siv Jensen said at a press conference on Monday.

-I took Frp into government, now I take Frp out again. I do it because it’s the only right thing to do, says she.

Frp leader Siv Jensen said that she is proud of what the party has accomplished in the government offices, especially the first part of the reign when it was only Frp and the Conservative party (Høyre) who formed government. After the inclusion of Christian Democrats and Liberals (Venstre), Jensen believes that the government’s policy has become directionless and gray.

Jensen emphasized at her press conference that they see Erna Solberg from Conservative Party as prime minister despite the fact that Frp is leaving the government.

-We have no desire to change prime minister in the country. We believe Solberg is the right person to lead the country, says she.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg also thanked FrP in her press conference praising Frp’s efforts to govern the country.

-I want to thank Frp for the work they have done both in the government and in the parliemant for finding good political solutions, said she.

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