Norway Gives GPS Jamming Proofs to Russian Military Officials in Oslo

Norway accuses Russia for GPS disturbances in the border areas. Despite Russia’s denial, Norwegian officials invited the Russian military officers to show the proofs, according to Barents Observer.

Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide says to the Barents Observer that Moscow now has got the data requested.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had previosuly called Norway’s allegations concerning GPS interference a fantasy, asking Oslo to provide facts.

This week, the facts will be discussed in Oslo with a military delegation from Moscow.

“We have contributed with data like the Russians asked for,” Søreide told the Barents Observer.

Russia previously denied the allegations and repeatedly called for evidences. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was not happy with Norwegian authorities telling media about Russia’s possible GPS jamming instead of talking directly with Russia.

Last November, he made a controversial comparison about the situation. Talking to Sputnik news, often been described as a Russian propaganda outlet, Lavrov said If you have a problem or suspicion regarding your wife, you ask her directly. You don’t go to the media and announce your concerns.

Jamming of GPS signals in the period during NATO exercise Trident Juncture, 2018. Map-illustration: Norwegian Intelligence Service

GPS signals have been reportedly troubled five times in the northeastern region of Norway since autumn 2017, with the most intense jamming taking place during last fall’s NATO exercise Trident Juncture.

It was in November last year that a Defense Ministry official confirmed to the Barents Observer that the jamming in the period of Trident Juncture, between October 16th and November 7th, came from Russian forces on Kola.

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