Norway facilitated the second round of the Venezuelan negotiation process

Venezuelan parties published a joint statement following the second round of negotiations in Mexico City, 6-9 September 2021.

The negotiations haveĀ taken place in Mexico. The process is facilitated by Norway, and accompanied by the Netherlands and Russia.

The parties agreed to establish mechanisms for restoration and obtaining the resources to meet the social needs of the population, with special emphasis on the effects of the pandemic byCOVID-19, including those from multilateral agreements to which the country is entitled.

The parties also agreed that the first point of discussion of the next meeting. The round will refer to ā€œRespect for the Constitutional State of Right”.Ā In particular, it will discuss the justice system and the respect for the institutionality established in the Constitution.

The discussion regarding protection of the economy will also continue national and social protection measures for the Venezuelan people.

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