Norway Can Have Labor and Green Party Coalition in September

New poll results forces Labor Party (Ap) to turn to Green Party of Norway (MdG) as a coalition partner.

Three weeks before the parliamentary elections, Labor Party (Ap) is struggling, writes NRK.

Labor Party received a 29 percent support in a recent survey conducted by Norstat for NRK. In another measurement last week, the party was again under 30 percent level.

Now they may have to cooperate with the Green Party (MDG) to come to government.

It is a fantastic opportunity for Ap, according to MDG general secretar Rasmus Hansson.

Speaking to NRK, he says that this is a wonderful opportunity for the Labor Party to renew and get out of the swamp they are in.

There are many in the Labor Party who want to step out of the oil and into a green venture, says Rasmus Hansson (MDG).

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