New Public Health Minister of Norway: Let People Smoke, Drink Alcohol and Eat Red Meat

FrP politican and new Public Health Minister Sylvi Listhaug is making a scene with her statements again.

As an occasional smoker, she says she will have a different approach to healthy life style.

-People know pretty much what is healthy and what is not healthy, I think. It is not a political task to tell people what they should and should not, says Listhaug to NRK.

According to the Government’s own description, Sylvi Listhaug (Frp), as the Minister of Elderly and Public Health, is responsible for the policy relating to municipal care and care services, the public health area, which includes, among other things, health promotion and preventive work in both physical and mental health, social equality in health, nutrition and food safety, alcohol, drug and tobacco prevention and disease control.

But she thinks it is not necessary to follow a strict strategy.

-I think many smokers feel repressed. They almost feel they have to hide away, and I think that’s stupid. Although smoking is not good and it is harmful, adults have to decide for themselves what they do. The only thing we as governments are to do is to provide information, says she.

Sylvi Listhaug is a Norwegian politician for the Progress Party (FrP) who serves as Norway’s Minister for the Elderly and Public Health. Listhaug served as Norway’s first Minister of Immigration and Integration from 2015 to 2018, a specially created cabinet position during the European migrant crisis, and Minister of Agriculture and Food from 2013 to 2015.

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