A Group in FrP Wants Death Penalty, Norwegian Brexit and Legalization of Drug in Norway

A group in youth branch of Progress Party (FrP) wants death penalty, a homogenious society, decriminalizing drug use and leaving EEA aggreement.

Norwegian magazine, Minerva accessed the proposals of the youth branch of Progress Party, FPU just before their national assembly this month. There are some controversial proposals in the document, which Minerva obtained.

A group in the program committee is in favor of the death penalty. The draft program is protesting against the death penalty, which has long been a consensus in Norway. However a dissent proposal reads:

– The FpU believes that some offenses are so serious and committed by so bad people that the death penalty is the only natural punishment.

The program also proposes chemical castration of pedophiles and people who commit sexual assault.

A minority also wants stricter measures against perpetrators.

– As a precautionary measure, a public register of pedophiles and rapists should be introduced. Most people should have the opportunity to know if such people live in their neighborhood, writes the proposal.

A Norwegian Exit

Like the main party, FpU’s program committee opposes to a possible Norwegian EU membership in the future. Besides, a group argues for a Norwegian Brexit to replace the “EEA Agreement with a Free Trade Agreement to ensure access to the EU’s internal market for Norwegian business”.

Legalization of Drugs

There is also controversy about drug policy. The majority want to decriminalize all narcotic drugs. A group wants to legalize milder drugs while another group defends to the current drug policy.

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