FrP Demands Norway To Stop Humanitarian and Development Aid to China

Norway provided NOK 99.1 million in assistance to China in 2019. It is completely unreasonable for Norway to provide aid to one of the world’s largest economies, says Christian Tybring-Gjedde, Foreign Policy Spokesperson of Progress Party (FRP).

China has become a military and technological superpower that is steadily increasing its influence on various continents. Its plans for the future are very ambitious.

Norwegian taxpayers give money to these ambitious projects in one of the world’s most powerful countries, in a situation where Norwegian business is in crisis as a result of the corona virus, writes Tybring-Gjedde on Bodøposten. The Covid-19 virus has led to Norway a different situation. This might have consequences for Norwegian aid policy.

“I have asked the Minister of Development whether he will continue to provide aid to China. Unfortunately, the government’s answer is yes – they want to continue to provide help to the world’s second largest economy, write he.

It tells a lot about Norwegian aid policy, paying large sums to a country many believe will soon take over the United States’ superpower position, notes he.

According to the statistics from Norwegian Agency for development Cooperation (NORAD), Norway has donated more than 2 billion NOK to China since 2000. Environment, health and social service sector received the highest aid in the country.

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