Erna Solberg’s Conservative-Right Wing Coalition Claims Victory in Norway

With 95 percent of the votes counted, the conservative-right wing bloc is re-elected second time in a close election though they got less votes than the previous election.

With this result, the governing minority government, headed by Conservative Party and right wing Progress Party will probably resume their second term with the support of Liberals and Christian Democrats.

The four parties in the so-called blue block won 89 seats in the 169-seat parliament, according to Norway’s Election Directorate.

The red block, headed by Labour leader Jonas Gahr Store, won the remaining 80 seats.

Labour’s leader described the result as a big disappointment and wished Solberg well.



The current government was criticized for using the oil fund generously and lower taxes for the richest.

However, the Conservatives and Labour agree on continued oil activities,   immigration policy, and close ties with the EU.

Yet the government partner Progress Party is often criticized  for its provocative rhetoric and aggressive financial incentives which challenge the welfare system.


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