Donald Trump Misusing Nobel Peace Prize in His Video

With a picture of a Nobel Prize medal, Donald Trump advertises his “achievements in peace” work. But the president, who has not won the Nobel Prize, is not allowed to reproduce a picture of the medal, which is given in Norway. 

The video posted by Trump has been removed in response to a copyright infringement report from the Nobel Peace Committee.

On Monday, Trump tweeted out a campaign video.  The Twitter video shows Trump waving on a balcony and in a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the bottom right corner, there is a picture of the Nobel Prize medal. 

The video implies that Trump has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The only problem is that Trump has never won this award, even though he was nominated by Norwegian right-wing party FrP´s representative Christian Tybring-Gjedde.

Since Trump is not a Nobel laureate, he is not allowed to use the image of the medal. This is thus a clear violation of the Nobel Prize’s own rules for reproducing the Nobel Medal.

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