An Unusual Political Debate in Norway around Terror, Breivik and Trump

The controversy around Norway Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug’s latest Facebook post fires up again with new accusations against her.

Progress Party politician and Justice Minister Listhaug posted on Facebook a picture of masked militants with the following text: “Labour Party (Ap) belives terrorists’ rights are more important than the nation’s security. Like and Share”. She posted this post after majority of the parliament voted against Listhaug’s recent proposal. This would give authorities the right, without judicial review, to strip individuals suspected of foreign fighters of their Norwegian citizenship. Labour Party with other parties wants the courts to rule on such decisions.

After some exchange of accusations from both sides since Friday, other parties also joined in the debate. The Christian Democrat Party – which the minority government of Conservatives, FrP and Liberals needs to pass laws in parliament – criticised Listhaug severely.

Norway Justice Minister’s Post Creates Another Controvery


– It is trashing the political debate in Norway when you accuse your opponents of things they don’t stand for. Sylvi Listhaug is trying to be a better populist than Trump, said Christian Democrat leader Knut Arild Hareide to NRK.

Breivik’s FrP membership comes to table

On July 22, 2011 Breivik staged the worst terror attack in Norwegian history, by killing 78 people, 69 of which were teenagers at the Labour Party camp on Utøya Island.

Breivik had been breiefly a member of the Progress Party. Afterwards Labour Party avoided using this against Listhaug’s Progress Party.

– We were very careful not to link Breivik and the Progress Party after July 22. Listhaug has now made it more difficult,” tweeted Raymond Johansen, the Labour leader of Oslo’s City Council.

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