Immigrants from Eastern Europe Support Right Wing FrP, While Others Labor Party

While the Norwegian parliamentary election in September 2017 is approaching, the votes from different groups in the country get more important for the parties. A recent report by SSB shows how different immigrant groups voted in the previous local elections, which might give a pattern for the upcoming election.

Immigrants from European countries, the support for Ap is on par with the population without immigrant background.  In this group, support for the government parties Conservative (Høyre) and Progress Party (Frp) is slightly higher than average, writes NRK.

Among foreign nationals from eastern European countries, the support for the right wing Progress Party (Frp) is twice as large as the average support from the rest of he population.
The support for the parties on the left wing is lower for the highly educated immigrants from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Moreover, Labor Party’s support is lower among people from a country of origin from Vietnam, Iran and Turkey, while Conservatives is more popular among the people from Vietnam and Turkey.
Another finding in the SSB’s report is that men are clearly more left-wing than women among people with immigrant backgrounds from Africa and Asia.  Among Norwegian citizens without immigrant background, the the trend is in the opposite direction, women are more left-wing than men, reprots NRK.

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