Norwegian Police Security Services Worries Russian Espionage Is A Threat to Norway

“We are more concerned now than before for what could result of illegal intelligence activities,”


says the head officer of the Police Security Services, Bendicte Bjørland to NRK.


She goes on to explain that the biggest cause for concern is the illegal charting of Norwegian security, military and emergency services.

Russian Norwegians May Be At Risk

Security services are saying that Russian intelligence services are targeting individuals and their families in order to get information. Bjørland warns NRK that people with family in Russia are at a higher risk of being targeted by Russian officials.


Police Security Services have previously reported that Russian intelligence has specifically threatened individuals living in Norway as refugees.


“We get messages from individuals and companies claiming that they have been subjected to illegal intelligence activities,”

says Bjørland to NRK.

Norway Provokes Russia

Last month, the Russian embassy in Oslo released a statement saying that they felt provoked due to NATO’s position in Norway.


The statement reads: “NATO military preparations near the Russian border including Norway, to whom Russia has never posed nor poses a threat, having increased the deployment of the United State’s heavy weapons and additional troops on a rotational basis in a number of countries in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, provokes tension and the undermines the existing balance of power in Europe.”


Deployment of American soldiers in Norway could be a reason for the espionage. 

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