Trump’s Speech Scares Experts in Norway

– Trump shows that he is the same as before, and that he will actually implement what he promised in his campaign. This needs to be taken seriously by the world, says US expert Svein Melby to VG.

He notes line shift in the US foreign policy will have consequences for Norway.

– It is very serious for Norway if he put in practice what he said in his speech. This is deadly serious for Norway, he says to VG.

– Trump is basically skeptical of alliances and institutions, such as NATO. He does not believe in the collective cooperation. A small country like Norway has built its entire defense and security policy on help from Americans in a crisis situation. This will also affect the strong bilateral relations between Norway and the USA. And there will be consequences in relation to Russia, adds he.

Associate Professor Kjell Terje Ringdal at Oslo University College (HiOA) says to NRK that Trump broke a basic requirements for an inaugural address, namely to try to heal the wounds during the election, reports Nettavisen.

– This is perhaps the all-time fiercest and most divisive inaugural of all time. I am in shock. I thought beforehand that he would make a speech for reconciliation, says Ringdal.

Norway’s biggest newspaper VG’s political editor Hanne Skartveit also paints a gloomy picture that lies ahead of the US and the world under Trump regime.

– With him, darkness comes. US new president Donald Trump goes into full battle against half of his own people – and with the world, writes Skartveit.


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