Norway Progress Party Politicians Rejoice Over Trump Victory

Leirstein says to Aftenposten that Trump as president will lead to two major changes in Europe:

1. Relations with Russia will be normalized.

2. Europe will increasingly take the bill for its own defense.

He describes Trump as the only world leader who is ready for a dialogue with Putin. 

Leirstein is also very excited about Trump’s promises to build roads in the USA. 

– Perhaps the biggest surprise he came with was to build America with roads, hospitals and infrastructure. I think he’s going to achieve, says Leirstein to Aftenposten.

Also former Progress Party leader Carl I. Hagen celebrates Trump’s victory. 

– The choice of Trump was due to irritation about the establishment and power elite. They and unilateral media forgot to pay attention to ordinary people who have lost their jobs and who have not taken part from prosperity, Hagen says to Aftenposten.

He also thinks Trump will evolve into a more “normal” politician as he establishes himself in the White House.

Hagen had previously expressed his support and admiration for Trump and said that Donald Trump resembles him in many ways.



About FrP 

The Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet or Framskrittspartiet, FrP) is a political party in Norway. The party is categorized as a conservative liberal. The media and academics have on some occasions described it as right-wing populist or conservative. In early 2013 it was the second-largest party in the Norwegian Parliament, with 41 seats. In coalition with the Conservative Party it won the 2013 election and helped form a new government, although the Progress Party itself lost seats and is now the third largest party.

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