Norway Prime Minister Congratulates Donald Trump

Prime Minister Erna Solberg congratulates Donald Trump for the election victory, and she assured that the United States will continue to become Norway’s most important ally during his reign.

– The American people have made their choice, and Donald Trump will be the new president. I use this opportunity to congratulate him on the victory. This was an election that has engaged the whole world, and I am glad that he has promised better cooperation, said Solberg.

Solberg also noted that the United States and Norway have common interests and common values, and that the United States is important for the Norwegian economy, workplaces and safety. 

She further said that she was surprised with the results, and it is obvious that they traditional measurements have not managed to capture trends in American society.

Solberg also warned that it is for America’s interest to keep the good cooperation with NATO.

She noted that many strong words were uttered during the election campaign, and she found positive that Trump promised better cooperation and he will become the president of all. 

Criticism and Norwegian Interests

The press asked Erna Solberg about criticism against Trump. She said there was a basis to be critical but now he promised to build bridges. 

When her previous criticism about the tone of the election campaign in the USA were reminded, she said the primary focus for her now is Norwegian interests.

Solberg had previously said that the US election campaign was ugly, and not an example to follow. She had also said that she was surprised how the election debate deals with the specific concrete policies. 

Yesterday she said the debate was shaped by symbol, feelings and personal attacks instead of enlightening voters.


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