FRP Politician Wants to Import Ban on Burqini to Norway

While many politicians and activists in Norway condemn France’s ban on the swimming garment, burqini and police enforcement of the ban, FrP politician Aina Stenersen requires a similar ban in Norway.

– Burqini certainly should not be allowed on beaches in Norway. The prohibition of burqini in France was introduced as a reaction to the terrorist attack in Nice. I think it’s great that the police follow up the ban, she says to Aftenposten.

Stenersen will work to bring a similar ban to Norway.

– FrP is preparing a new party program. We in Oslo Progress Party would demand ban on the use of burqini, she says.

She suggests that the issue is related to integration and banning the swimming garment in question is permissible. 

– FRP is very concerned about integration. Therefore, we believe that in some cases we must adopt a ban if something inhibits integration. We are, for example, supporting private schools, but we are still against the establishment of Muslim schools, adds she.

Conspiracy and distortion

Stenersen also believes that the photos showing armed police force a women on a beach to undress do not show the real situation. She claims that the woman took off her clothes to show that she had a swimsuit underneath.

The Frp politician further suggests that burqini is not an ordinary garment as it is justified by religion, and it hides sexuality.

On the other hand Stenersen is against a ban for all who are fully dressed with plain clothes on the beach. She insists the prohibition shall apply only to BURQINI.

Austrian based Burkini designer Aheda Zanetti previously said to Reuters that the burkini was designed for freedom, flexibility and confidence. 

– I think they’ve misunderstood, when we produced the swimsuit it was part of integration and combining cultures. It was designed to integrate into society with more healthy activities, she said to Reuters. 

The designer also noted that 40 percent of her sales go to non-Muslim women, with cancer survivors, body conscious mothers or women who want to protect their skin from the sun.

Since the ban and debate in France, the sales of the burqini have increased significantly Aheda Zanetti told Reuters. 

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