Norway’s Labor and Centre Party Want Ban on Niqab at Schools and Foreign Funds to Mosques

NRK has gained access to the new integration policy document by the integration committee by the two parties. The Committee believes face covering (niqab, burka) inhibits communication and interaction. To avoid conflicts around the identification, face covering should be prohibited at schools.

As a rule, it is not be possible to use niqab as a public servant at public institutions that require identification and direct contact with people.

Prohibition was previously introduced in Belgium and France. France’s ban was approved by the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

When it comes to children hijab, the commission demands a national guideline for the school’s efforts to prevent the use of hijab at schools. 

– School leaders should work systematically to ensure that children do not wear hijab. The individual school should not make the choice themselves, but there should be clear national guidelines on hijab use, writes the report according to NRK.

Moreover, the committee proposes a review of the security system to make it more profitable for people with low-income jobs to participate in labor market.

The reason is immigrants’ low labor force participation, and that over half of non-Western immigrants drop out working before the age of 50.

Also religous organizations may lose support if they promote hatred and violence, violate laws intended to protect children’s interests and rights, and do discrimination.

Also financing of mosques from abroad is required to be limited. The commission wants to limit foreign funding of Norwegian communities. In practice, this means that one of the biggest foreign funder Saudi Arabia will not be able to support religious groups in Norway, writes NRK.

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