Norway Labor Party Leader: Trump As President Is Deeply Disturbing

Talknig to VG, Støre believes that Donald Trump’s message is “deeply disturbing” and he sincerely hopes that the American people choose Hillary Clinton as president.

– It is right and natural to speak out against someone who might be the new US president. I would be reluctant to comment on other countries’ choices, but I think this is a choice with an impact far beyond the United States. Both attitudes and stances of Trump is alerting and we should not sitt idly and watch it, he says.

He notes that this person can become president of the United States and Commander in Chief of the US military, and part of NATO. 

Støre points out that what Trump says raises the question whether he has elementary knowledge of Europe, Middle East, central areas of conflict – and if he knows the significant impact of the statements of the US leader.

Støre also fears a possible Trump victory on November 8 may have serious consequences on climate policy by reminding that Trump has announced that he will terminate the Paris Agreement, if he wins.

He is on the other hand cautious about drawing parallels from 1930’s authoritarian leaders and schools of thought to Trump. 

– I will be very cautious, because I have pretty strong faith in American democracy. But let me put it this way: The recipes he offers to solve today’s problems, in my opinion, poorly rooted in our time of need. They convey the message that a strong man can fix with tough message. But it is not good leadership, says Støre.

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