US Seeks More Military Presence in Norway

The US Congress comes up with a request from the US military to send more troops to Norway to train, writes NRK. 

The US army is positive about the idea of increasing cooperation in the region and get better acquainted with the arctic area.

– For us it is about to become operational under these conditions. We must learn from the experts, said Major David Damron in the US Special Forces.

Nils Johan Holte, chief of the Armed Forces Special Forces, is glad to get trained by the Americans.

– The more we train together, the better we are together. We get trained on procedures that make us more effective in challenging operations we need to do together, says Holte to NRK.

Major Damron is clear that US’ relationship with Norway and other European allies are critically important.

– No single nation can handle any security concerns that we all face. By working together we can improve our capabilities to handle situations as a team, says Damron.


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