New Immigration and Integration Minister to Tighten Asylum Policy in Norway

Listhaug expressed her ambition to tighten measures against asylum flow, writes Dagbladet.

– I will do my best to keep the influx down and make sure the rejected asylum seekers are sent out of the country as quickly as possible, Listhaug said. 

She added that there is a broad majority in the Parliament who want to tighten the asylum policy, and it is crucial for future generations. 

– It is crucial for integration and learning Norwegian language. The refugees must be able to be a part of the society and contribute, says Listhaug. 

The new Minister stressed that there is still a great challenge related to refugee flows, although the number of arrivals has dropped sharply in recent weeks. 

She also said that it is their priority to send those who are rejected. 

Immigration and Integration Ministy is a new ministerial post in the Ministry of Justice.

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