Norway Prime Minister Warns against Stigmatization of Refugees after Paris

The President of the European Commission, Jean Paul Juncker warned European countries not to treat asylum seekers as terrorists. He stressed that the men who were involved in the attacks in Paris, were criminal, not refugees or asylum seekers.

According to NRK, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg reminds that they may also be people who have been radicalized in European countries.

The majority of those coming from Syria, are actually fleeing from ISIS and devastation of the civil war there. They are fleeing from the same forces that made the terror in Paris, she said.

On the other hand, Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) keeps eye on the possible threats. The police has registered individuals who may pose a threat to society among asylum seekers who have come to Norway.

PST previously wrote that they fear terrorists from organizations other than ISIS seek asylum in Norway.

In November PST came with an assessment of how asylum seekers influenced threat in Norway. The report concluded that extremist born and raised in Norway is a greater terrorist threat than asylum seekers with ties to extreme movements.

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