MDG Norway to Get Rid of Diesel and Gasoline Cars in Oslo

Oslo’s new city government has not only ambitions to pedestrianize Oslo center but they aim to make the whole city fossil-free within nine years, writes TV2.

Daniel Rees from the Green Party of Norway (MDG) confirms to TV2 that those living in Ring 3 should start planning on getting rid of their fossil cars until 2024.

– If you buy a new car now, you must purchase an emission-free car if you want to use it for a long time, says Rees.

City government needs authorization from the Parliament to implement this policy, but Rees emphasizes that the goal of making Oslo a fossil-free by 2030 remains unchanged.

It is Like Building a New Berlin Wall

A car-free city idea does not make everyone excited. The chairman of the transport committee in the Parliament, Conservative Party (Høyre) politician Linda Hofstad Helleland heavily criticizes the new city council’s plans.

– A ban for motorists around downtown Oslo is like building of a Berlin wall in Oslo, says Hofstad to TV2.

She also believes these measures will have little effect on environemnt. She further accuses the new city management with making car owners public enemy. 

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