Future of Oslo: No Car, Night-open Kindergardens, Property Tax

Oslo’s new city coalition presented its “government statement” in Oslo today. The coalition consisting of Labor Party, Socialist Left and Green Party has an environmentalist focus. According to the statement, Oslo will halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2020 and the city center will be pedestrianized during the period. The new management will also remove all the free parking spaces in downtown Oslo. Moreover, they will draw all its investments from companies that produce fossil fuels. Beside limitations on the car traffic and canceling construction of new highways, 60 km bicycle path will be built in this period. The city government also plans to introduce support in order to increase electric bicycles.

Investment in kindergardens and elderly care

In the new period, Oslo municipality will take more responsibility for the welfare of the city’s population. As a result, there will be a major investment in kindergarten, school and nursery. 

Here’s more from the statement – for school and nursery:

3,000 new kindergarten places in the municipality.

Experiments with evening and weekend, and night open kindergartens.

Free public transport for kindergarten and school children outside rush hours.

Free museum entrance for kindergartens and schools.

Extended homework.

Developing art activities and classes.

Propery Tax Comes Back

Oslo loses its reputation of being a propert tax free capital. The parties aggree to reintroduce property tax on housing in 2016 and commercial estates in 2017. 

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