Norway is Content with New Ambitious UN Sustainability Goals

The new targets will replace the so-called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as next UN summit in 2000 has proven to be a successful tool to mobilize the world’s efforts to combat poverty and disease.

MDGs have contributed to extreme poverty and hunger was cut in half, maternal and child mortality were reduced, and basic education was extended to include as many girls as boys.

Meanwhile, close to one billion people still live in poverty and hunger, nearly 60 million children and adolescents do not go to primary school, and 6 million children die of hunger and disease every year.

Sustainability goals aim to continue the fight against extreme poverty and hunger, while respecting the environment and climate must be safeguarded.

Norway supports the vision of the UN sustainability goals against extreme poverty and hunger through sustainable development by 2030. 

-It’s ambitious, but possible. From the Norwegian side we would emphasize the importance of investing in education and health, especially for girls and women, says Prime Minister Solberg.

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