Norway Progress Party Leader Asks Municipalities to Say No to Syria Refugees

FrP started its municipal election campaign in Ålesund yesterday. In her opening speech addressing the FrP municipalities in West Norway, Siv Jensen asked them to ignore the agreement which the majority of parliamentary parties agreed in June – to accept 8,000 quota refugees from Syria.

– The more municipalities say no, the more chance there is for not implementing the agreement, said Jensen.

In her speech she emphazied that the agreement is a challenge for municipalities and no one should feel pressured. Meanwhile, she repeated her party’s argument that it would be better and cheaper to help those refugees in the surrounding area.

In addition to asylum policy,  Jensen waged a war against property tax. She said people’s housing should not be a source of taxation. “It is quite possible to keep track of the municipal economy without property tax, emphasized she.

According to latest municipality election barometer, Support to FrP has increased in Western Norway – which has been traditionally  the area where FRP has been strongest.



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