FRP Representative Will Criminalize Renting to Illegal Immigrants in Norway

British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s controversial measures against refugees find echo in Norway. Wiborg thinks the new measures in the UK are reasonable, writes Dagbladet. 

– They come with many sensible measures. It is important to stop persons residing and working  illegally in the country. They do not have a work permit in Norway, so they “work black” (cash-in-hand without documenting). It is dangerous for the economy, as they are threat to other lawful laborers, says Wiborg to Dagbladet. 

The new measures Cameron has introduced bring serious punishment for helping illegal immigrants. 

The new regulation will allow land owners to remove illegal immigrants residing in their property without court order. Those who do not remove immigrants, would risk up to five years in prison.

– The main responsibility lies with the government, and I do not expect every person to be a detective, but they should be alerted if one hires or give a place to live a person without a work permit and legal residency, says Wiborg. 

Wiborg is not for adopting all of Cameron’s new proposal, but taking its relevant parts and adapting it to the Norwegian forms. 

– It is illegal (in Norway) to rent to persons who are suspected to engage in prostitution in their residence. A similar principle can be introduced against persons residing and working illegally in the country, says Wiborg. 

Jan Arild Ellingsen, another FRP politician, on the other hand is critical to Wiborg’s ideas, according to Vårt Land. 

– We should be cautious about pushing the responsibility to citizens. It is the government’s responsibility to check this, says Ellinsen. 

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