Norway is Trying Again Voting for 16-year Olds

In the elections in 2011, 16- and 17-year-olds in 20 municipalities voted as a pilot project. The turnout was higher among 16-year-olds than among 18-year olds. This year the project will be repeated in ten new municipalities. Liberal Party (Venstre) believes it is high time to have an idea after the first pilot project, writes Aftenposten.

Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation writes that much of the knowledge they seek in the new pilot project is the same as in 2011. Among other things, the Ministry wonders what affects voter turnout and how participation varies between the municipalities.

Liberal Party has long been a clear proponent of lowering the voting age. The party hopes the pilot project will be properly followed up, and that the results will convince several parties that 16 year olds are mature enough to vote.

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