Kenya Accuses Norway of Supporting Group with Al-Shabaab Ties

Kenya’s Foreign Ministry asked recently Norway, the US and Britain to halt their financial support for the organization Haki Africa, writes NRK.

Kenyan authorities believe the organization poses a serious threat to Kenya’s security.

However, both Norway and the other two countries react fiercely to Kenyan government and declare that they will continue to support Haki Africa, who is based in the port of Mombasa.

– We will continue to support Haki because of the valuable contribution the group gives to human rights work in coastal areas, and for the work it does to counter violent extremism, said Norway’s ambassador to Kenya, Victor Rønneberg to NRK.

The ambassador calls the Kenyan government for showing proof that the organization is a threat to Kenya’s security. He also emphasizes that  human rights organizations and governments are not adversaries, but allies in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

The head of Haki Africa, Hussein Khalid says to NRK that he was very surprised by the government’s reaction because the organization works to prevent radicalization of dissatisfied youth:

– We have always had a good working relationship. We train police officers and other government officials in human rights. We are working with vulnerable youths against terrorism. We are the link between them and the authorities.

Amnesty International also accuses the Kenyan government and suggest that the organization’s documentation of human right vialoations in Kenya is the reason of the government’s pressure on the organization.

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