Norway Intelligence To Prevent Terror with Hacking Methods

According to TV2’s report, Justice Minister Anders Anundsen is positive to grant the Police Intelligence Service (PST) right to install spyware and monitor computers under close observation of the security services.

PST director Benedicte Bjørnland says to TV2 that such data readout is absolutely necessary to stop terrorists and prevent acts of violence.

– We are more concerned about use of encrypted communication methods. Being able to crack encryption is important for us if we are to get the contents of  communications among the suspects, says Bjørnland.

PST director further notes that they must be able to follow the technological development in the same way as those who plan terror.

– It may be in the form of installing a Trojan in suspects’ computers. So we can read keyboards to get the content of communications, says Bjørnland.

The case may come to Parliament before the summer holiday. But it is a difficult issue in terms of privacy, because data readout is an invasive monitoring method.


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