Norway to Increase Aid to Ukraine

– The conflict and instability in Europe concern all of us. Norway is increasing its support for the Ukrainian government’s reform efforts and closer integration with Europe, says Foreign Minister Børge Brende, who visits Ukraine this week.

Norwegian assistance will go to efforts in good governance and democracy, reform of the energy sector, trade matching and European integration. These are areas where the Ukrainian authorities have requested support and cooperation. Much of this support is given as direct budget support to contribute to economic stability, in close cooperation with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

– After years of bad governance, corruption and economic stagnation, Majdan demonstrations were crystal clear demands of the people for change. Ukraine is a country with high level of education and resources and the Ukrainians themselves must do the biggest job. Norway’s mission is to contribute to help themselves to the ambitious and very necessary reform agenda, says Brende.

Norwegian support package for Ukraine in 2015

NOK 100 million in budget support in 2015. This support will help to alleviate the deep economic crisis in Ukraine caused by the conflict in the east.

73 million to security sector- and constitutional reform. The funds are channeled into efforts to strengthen the rule of law, good governance and protection of human rights.

NOK 77 million for energy reform and nuclear safety. The funds will partly be channeled through the Nordic Fund Nefco, dealing with energy efficiency. NOK 30 million used on measures to strengthen the security of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The initiative is in partnership with Sweden.

20 million for trade adjustment and EU integration. The funds will partly be used to support Ukrainian business and sharing Norwegian experiences with EU integration.

Norway also assists with NOK 40 million in humanitarian aid for 2015.

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