Norway Divided over Syria Refugees

Voters on the left and in the center is the most positive about accepting 10,000 refugees from Syria. Conservative voters (Høyre and FrP supporters) are most negative, according to the survey.

Nine out of ten FRP voters say no to 10,000 Syrian refugees, while 69 percent of the country’s largest party Labor voters support the proposal of receiving 10,000 Syrians. Also more than three quarters of Liberals (Venstre) and Green Party (DG) are positive about the idea, respectively 81 and 78 percent. Similarly 71 percent of Christian Democrat voters say yes, but the largest percentage of uncertains, 17 percent, are also in this group. Among the Conservative Party (Høyre) voters, the ratio of supporters is as low as 27 percent. 

FrP’s parliamentary leader Harald Tom Nesvik believes the survey shows that the Norwegian people are divided.

– 38 percent say no, and if you include 10 percent “uncertains”, then it is quite similar, says Nesvik to NRK.



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