Norway to Increase Military Spendings

Defense budget will have a larger proportion of the budget in the coming years. Talking in her party’s congress, Solberg devoted her speech about the unfortunate developments in Russia and the need to increase Norwegian military capability.

– We do not know where the development goes. It may be worse in Russia, it could be better. We must make the long-term investment to make sure we have good defense capability, Solberg said to NRK.

Aligning with this strategy, the government decided to contributes NOK 500 million to mining company Store Norske in Svalbard. This ensures also Norwegian presence in an area that is strategically important for Norway. 

Also, Defense Ministry announced that they will modernize Leopard tansks and acquire antiaircraft Brigade North. These investments for military preparedness will cost 3.6 billion for Norway.

Talking to NRK, First Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee, Øyvind Halleraker (H), believes that the Norwegian people will eventually begin to be concerned about the situation, and understand that they must be prepared against an attack against Norway.

During the NATO summit in Wales last year, Norway pledged to spend two percent of gross domestic product (GDP) on defense. 

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