Majority Believe Government Will Survive until 2017

23 percent responded that they believe the coalition government will dissolve before parliamentary term is over, writes NTB.

– Voters are wise. In the Parliament there were four parties that promised a new government, and the obligation is strong, says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

She believes voters see that there is a common core between the four non-socialist parties, although there have been discussions and disagreements along the way.

Looking at the participants’ party affiliation, there is greater separation in views on whether the government will complete the term or not. Almost half of the Centre Party voters believe the government must withdraw before 2017. The percentage is also significantly lower among Christian Democratic Party voters than average. On the other hand, nine out of ten Conservative voters believe that the government will continue. Confidence in government is also highest in urban areas where people are well educated and earn well, and men are more positive than women in the view of the government’s ability to survive until 2015. 


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