Former Norway Prime Minister Denounces Israel

Willoch denounces the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, writes Dagsavisen.  He also reacts to bloackage of emergency relief supplies.

– This is absurd, grotesque bombardment of densely populated areas in order to continue the blockade, saying Willoch to Dagsavisen .

Willoch, who previously led an Israel-friendly government, says Israel has right to defend itself against rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip but the right to defend itself is very straightforward. Israel knows that if they give up the blockade of Gaza and stop their occupation, we will have a system that leads to a final end to the enmity between Palestinians and Israelis. The cause of instability is the blockade and occupation. And that is where the solution lies, says Willoch.

Willoch also notes that an increasing numbers of Jews, both in and outside Israel, expresses criticism towards Israel. Conversely, a continuation of the current approach can be a road to disaster for Israel, with more hatred and contempt, believes Willoch. 

About Willoch

Kåre Isaachsen Willoch (1928) is a Norwegian politician from the Conservative Party. He served as Minister of Trade and Shipping in 1963 and 1965–1970, and as Prime Minister of Norway from 1981 to 1986. Willoch was Chairman of the Conservative Party 1970–1974.

Considered one of the most pronounced conservative Norwegian politicians in his time, he has in later years shifted his position in many areas. He has taken issue with the “culture of greed”, “tax paradises’, the environment and has been particularly harsh in his condemnation of Israel’s policies toward Palestinians, claiming that the occupation of and settlement on Palestinian land (outside the 1967 borders) is unlawful. 

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